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Talented Hairstylists & Barbers

Changing your appearance is easy when you choose the right salon. J'S HAIR DESIGN is that hair salon. By turning to our professional and passionate stylists, you'll be able to transform the look of your tresses. Whether you want a style that reflects the latest trends or something that fits your unique personality, we can do them all. We'll make sure all of your hair needs are met.

Natural Hair & Loc Services

When you want to have your natural, unprocessed hair styled, turn to us. We are trained in blowing out and twisting hair. Additionally, we can start, re-twist, and style locs. Whether you want to add in loc extensions or color them, we'll have your locs looking amazing.

Keratin Treatment

Keep your hair straight and natural with regular keratin treatments. This process is a great alternative to chemically relaxing your tresses. Plus, it can last from 2 to 3 months, even for people who have the curliest of hair.

Woman With Straight Hair
Woman With Braids


Our stylists also offer braiding services for clients of all ages. You can have your hair fashioned into cornrows, box braids, or another style. If you want to have extensions added or your existing braids maintained, just let us know.

Most appointments take from 1.5 to 8 hours to complete. The style of braids and length of your hair will determine how long it will take to give you the style you desire.

Barber Services

Have your hair cut perfectly with services from our barbers. With a minimum of 6 years of cutting experience, our barbers can achieve any style for you. We've even mastered the technique of camouflaging areas of thinning hair.

Additional Specialties

Our stylists also provide the following:

  • Natural Hair Straightening
  • Loc Maintenance
  • Flexi Rods
  • Roller Wraps
  • Updos
  • Standard Weaves
  • Bonded Weaves
  • Micro Link Weaves
  • Fusions
  • Partial Weaves
  • Filler Weaves
  • Short Cuts
  • All Chemical Services
  • Crochet Braiding
  • And Much More